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Gift of Family lineage and Innovation and Artistic Ability from the Mother Land

Gifts: Gold Twisted Fulani Bracelet a meaningful yet economical gift crafted by the Fulani. Also Fulani Necklace and nose rings in stock (not pictured)

Corporate Mission

To provide evidence-based leadership coaching to management and organizations in pursuit of sustainable practices. Similar to players in a drum circle, today's leaders use self as the instrument to join the ensemble.

Ron Cousar Drumming

The Joda Village Drum Circle


Sustainable Products from Africa: Oils (5.00, 10.00, 15.00, and 20.00)

Popular scents: Gender Equality, Frankincense, & Touch by Khalifani (20.00). I am King, Patti LaBelle, Egyptian Musk (10.00-20.00), Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Black Woman, Paris Hilton (10.00).

Our Services

Leadership coaching in sustainable practices. Leaders from Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X, and Baby Boomer generations have been impacted by transformation, restructuring, and re-engineering. The legacy of War Veteran generations is reflected in the leadership coaching approach to not repeat past failures.


Sande Leadership: Attributes of Sustainable Organizational Practice

Authored by Dr. Wanda Tisby Cousar who is available for storytelling for general audiences and keynote speaking for academic audiences. The emergence of Sande Leaders that practice 16 leadership attributes are in a variety of industries. They are coached in evidence-based management sustainable practices that determines their success. Tisby-Cousar received Outstanding Service as Practitioner Liaison Officer of the Management Education and Development division of the Academy of Management, 2015-2016. Tisby-Cousar's book Sande Leadership: Attributes of Sustainable Organizational Practice, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing is available online at,, and worldwide. She recently participated in the Story Project with KRCC-NPR radio archived in the Pikes Peak Library district that continues to be aired world-wide.


Dr. Wanda Tisby Cousar presents for the Story Project


Leadership Coaching

An initial assessment determines the coaching most effective in achieving strategic outcomes. A variety of coaching methods are available. A proposal and agreement after initial consultation will be prepared for client.

Innovation and Artistic Ability

Teaching tap basic, pull backs to guests at Spiky B's BBQ and Blues Weekend, 11/15/2015.

Spiky B's BBQ and Blues Weekend

Teaching tap dance basic shuffle, to party guests during Spiky B's BBQ Weekend

Makers in Residence Promotion

Performing workshops for the Pikes Peak Library District Maker in Residence Programs in 2017. Directed by Dr. Daphne DePorres

Delta Authors on Tour Slideshow

Dr. Wanda Tisby Cousar is an author and presenter at the Denver Aquarium. The event was hosted by the Denver Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

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